Design & Construction

We deliver integrated designing services including conceptual designs, structural modeling, solar and thermal studies also the integration of a full range of building systems. Our professionals, facade designers, and structural engineers create viable solutions to challenging design concepts.

Structural Modeling

Using advanced software solutions we generate structural models of components, assemblies, and systems. We layer loads modeling to include numerous factors approaching all real possible conditions on the building, not only design but reducing also the labor cost of the facade.

Structural Calculations

SHPIGEL delivers all the calculations and engineering needed for the different facade applications: curtain walls, spider and bolted glass, cladding rainscreen envelope systems, solar shades, glass floors & staircases, etc. The design of structural glass requires an advanced methodology and therefore there is a need for specialized structural glass engineers, with a great experience. The design is based always on International Building Codes mainly for safety and legal reasons. SHPIGEL delivers full facade engineering, structural glass design, and glass calculation analysis (linear and non-linear) for various load combinations, according to local Standards. Qualified and experienced engineers, check allowable stresses, displacements & deformations by using mainly Finite Element Analysis. Static loads, dynamic and thermal loads, such as wind pressure, snow loads, percussion, earthquake, expansion or contraction of a metal frame, the temperature difference in the glass frame and fire, are according to Standards, or other local regulations.

Energy Calculations

To achieve optimum design, we simulate the environment and building exposure during the concept stage. As the facade constitutes the major part of the building’s envelope, in our design we use proper material and simulation of the environmental exposure and to eliminate their impact on the energy consumption and comfort for the residents. Solar & Thermal Modeling using micro and macro climate data our team generates solar and thermal models that can optimize natural facade light transmission and develop shading concepts. Solar and thermal modeling provides a realistic presentation of the solar conditions and the impact of adjacent structures on the new facade elements, in modern dense urban environments. Also important to us is the optimization for noise reduction and UV control.